STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and tends to be child-focused so they can tailor their specific interests and skillsets to fit their own desired path in life. These resources could help them find the exact resources they need to start down the path to their dream job very early on in life.

While I am aware there is a separate post for “math”, and for this particular post, we will consider STEM math to be a little more on the advanced side to keep the intense stuff separate from the early-learning level resources.

This list is most likely going to contain resources from other lists as well; math, science, and computer science.

I have personally used and approved all of the following platforms myself and my kids have tested them intently through the years we have spent homeschooling, so you know the opinions are based on personal experience and not just biased promotion of products.

Next to the titles of the programs, I will include my families rating based on thing like:

  • Level of fun they have.
  • How much they have learned.
  • How often they interact with.
  • Relevance to the subject heading (reading, math, etc.)

Without further adieu, lets get to the reading resources for homeschool kids!


Affiliate Disclosure: This site DOES contain affiliate links throughout. All this means is if you follow a link on any of my pages and make a purchase, I could receive a commission or referral reward, all at no extra cost to you!

Homeschool Science Resources

Mushroom Growing 4 You - 7/10

This series of e-books and videos will set you and your crew up to start growing edible mushrooms at home!

Add a nutritious and replenishable food source, or go big enough to start selling them at your local famers market, all while spending time learning! 

You will also gain access to a few bonuses as well to increase your educational reach and your homesteading efforts (if applicable).

MEL Science - 10/10

MEL science is a subscription based learning platform that offers hands-on experiments and VR based lessons on a month to month basis!

There are even live classes with friendly tutors!

Just select your plan and get started helping your kids learn Chemistry, Physics, and other STEM subjects in an entirely new way!

I will be getting a review up shortly, but for now click the green button and take advantage of this revolutionary learning platform!

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Homeschool Technology Education

CodeSpark Academy - 9/10

CodeSpark is a great app for kids that are interested in video games, and more specifically, creating their own.

Their is a very detailed tutorial that will prepare your kids to use the interface on their own to design and program their own games and experiences that can be published and shared for other kids to play! 

It is intended for kids aged 5 to 9, but my younger kids have fun testing out their siblings games, which I have to say it is quite amazing to see them working together so well on a project!

Tynker - 9/10

Tynker is another programming and game design platform that offers lessons that are likely to line up with your child’s interests already by introducing them to making mods and assets for Minecraft on their own. 

They offer beginner courses to introduce your children to the logic behind programming and design, and as they grow, the lessons are set up to transform them into formidable programmers. All before they graduate I might add!

This a great addition for those kids who are already interested and experienced with programming and game design, or total noobs to the scene.

Engineering Activities

Make-A-Fort - 9/10

Make-A-Fort is a great way to boost creativity and teach children about building and re-using materials to construct whatever their minds can create!

You can use a single kit to build a pre-designed fort, or combine multiple to build a monolith of entertainment right in your living room. 

The panels are 2′ by 2′ and can be stored away after each use, meaning there is limitless potential for your kids to have a great time while learning about Engineering their own structures!

More to come soon!

There are many more resources out there, and I intend to test and review as many of them as possible!

However these things take time to research and test. Once we commit them into the Unschooling Curriculum we have developed as a family, I will begin the reviews and post them here. If you have any requests or recommendations of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments below and I will see what I can do!

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