A list of resources to push your children’s reading levels higher, and boost their creativity with written communication!

This list is most likely going to contain resources from other lists as well; math, science, and computer science.

I have personally used and approved all of the following platforms myself and my kids have tested them intently through the years we have spent homeschooling, so you know the opinions are based on personal experience and not just biased promotion of products.

Next to the titles of the programs, I will include my families rating based on thing like:

  • Level of fun they have.
  • How much they have learned.
  • How often they interact with.
  • Relevance to the subject heading (reading, math, etc.)

Without further adieu, lets get to the reading resources for homeschool kids!


Affiliate Disclosure: This site DOES contain affiliate links throughout. All this means is if you follow a link on any of my pages and make a purchase, I could receive a commission or referral reward, all at no extra cost to you!

Reading Resources: Pre-k through 2nd Grade

ABCmouse - 10/10

This program is one of the best apps I can recommend as a parent of younger homeschool kids!

ABCmouse is intended for students starting preschool activities all the way to second grade level.

While reading is the primary focus, there are alot of subjects that are covered as your children “play” the games and interact with the application to help them prepare for the more intense learning they will face in the years to come.

Homer - 10/10

Homer Learn & Grow has made a tremendous impact on our early learners!

Reading is the primary focus within the app, but there is so much to do that it alone can replace about 90% of the apps on your child’s device.

There are videos, games, books, art activities and so much more to keep them enthralled, and the best part is everything is 100% educational!

My 2 year old hardly gets off of the Homer app while she is using her tablet, and nothing makes me happier and more sure of a products ability to set them up for future academic success from a very early age.

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Reading Resources: 3rd grade through 6th grade

Adventure Academy - 9/10

Adventure Academy is more like a learning mmorpg, but it is intended for kids that are a little older and more familiar with how to operate a computer. It does work on some tablets, but the experience is not ideal.

Think Runscape for learning, but with way better graphics.

My kids spend time in bursts on this application, but they have picked up other hobbies recently so it doesn’t get as much attention as it used to. 

However, I still intend to write an in-depth review soon, but if you want to check it out, click the button and take advantage of the 30-day free trial and let me know what you think in the comments on this post!

Reading Resources: All Ages

Carson Dellosa - 10/10

This isn’t an app or game, but there are tons of reading resources available for purchase on their website!

We buy supplemental resources from them regularly, and most of the time our kids are happy to help us pick new learning materials to enhance their studies.

You can filter by budget, age level, and subject if you are looking to put together a full curriculum, or even just find more educational resources for your kids. (Check out the clearance page!!)

More to come soon!

There are many more resources out there, and I intend to test and review as many of them as possible!

However these things take time to research and test. Once we commit them into the Unschooling Curriculum we have developed as a family, I will begin the reviews and post them here. If you have any requests or recommendations of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments below and I will see what I can do!

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