Homeschooling Dads: Contingency plan or MVP?

Maintaining a house full of homeschoolers can get a bit hectic, and very quickly I might add. From all the kids refusing to do school, to zipping around behind the scenes to make sure everyone has everything they need, it can feel like you need to hire a full team just to keep it all going!

That isn’t to say that homeschool Moms have it easy; quite the contrary actually. Moms tend to face the brunt of the madness in most cases, and will rarely admit to needing help. Unless of course, it gets extremely out of hand, then they rely on ol’ Dad to come set things straight. 

The responsibility of a homeschooling dad can be difficult to maintain at times, but your job is a very important one: to raise and educate the next generation of free-thinking adults that will ultimately decide the fate and future of our species.

No pressure right? 

Your family relies on your strength and dedication to them more than you may realize, and who YOU are will ultimately affect who THEY become, so let me break down the areas I realized I needed to work on in order to provide the best homeschooling experience for my children, and effectively meet my Wife in the middle in order to make her role as care-taker easier. 

After all, Happy Wife, Happy Life….. right? 

Hey there, my name is Jerromy and I am all about that homeschooling life!

I was homeschooled on a farm and I do my best to apply the same values I was brought up with as I teach my own children at home to this very day.

My main goal is to help other homeschooling parents make educated decisions about their kids’ schooling by providing resources and information to help them avoid the mistakes I have made on my journey homeschooling my kids.

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Homeschooling Dads: Become The MVP, not the backup plan.

I say that Homeschool Dads can become the real MVPs, simply because I view Homeschooling Moms as Coaches rather than mere players. Someone has to keep Dad in check, and unless you are a Father who is tackling the homeschooling efforts solo, you WILL depend on your wife’s direction more often than not. 

If you are a dad as well as the primary educator in your household, know that I have the utmost respect for you. In my situation, I am more like the muscle than the brains behind the operation, but I do have to save the day with my above-average knowledge of off-the-wall information occasionally. 

Sometimes kids need to learn valuable life lessons and it’s hard to obtain that information by reading words in a book. There is literally no better teacher for topics that will change their outlook on life than a caring Father figure. Again, I am not discrediting moms here, I am simply basing my experience with 5 of my own kids and 14 younger siblings; kids DO NOT hear 50% of the words moms say. 

Break out the “Dad voice” with the rumbling bass boost, and kids are all ears. Some may say they are eager to learn in these situations because they know that their next move will define what happens over the course of the foreseeable future. 

Either way, you look at it, Homeschooling Dads have a golden opportunity to become an even more valuable asset to their families through helping with homework, or even just lending a hand around the house! 

What are areas to improve as a homeschooling dad?

This is a complex topic because some father figures choose to work more than they are home, and that is perfectly fine. After all, homeschooling can get a bit pricey, and we love being able to provide for and spoil our families.

On the other hand, there are work-from-home or stay-at-home dads that have ALOT of time available to spend improving relationships and helping out more with things inside the home; I am one of them, and once I realized how much I could do to make life easier, everything improved. 

My kids’ education levels made leaps and bounds from having an extra set of hands around to help them understand complex topics beyond their mental reach, and my wife actually had a little free time to focus on herself for a change. 

Granted I still spend a fair amount of time working, I have adjusted my personal schedule to align more with my families, so they can reap the benefits of having Dad at home.

Generally speaking, these are a few areas that every Homeschooling Dad could stand to improve on, even if you do them already.

Helping with School

If you are like me and have multiple homeschooled kids, there never seems to be enough time to get everyone’s school done, and often this will run their time over late in the day. 

It is always more stressful in the house when kids are doing school, and I had to learn that getting that done before I started on my own work was the easiest way to go about it.

Now I dont help them all day long mind you, I simply help them get the day started by sitting down with them and tackling their least favorite subjects earlier in the day so they can spend the rest of their school time focusing on topics they can breeze through on their own, or with minimal help from us parent-teachers. 

This opens up a lot of time believe it or not because if they have already finished the harder subjects, they will be more inclined to move through their easy work quickly and with less fuss, making everyone’s day better overall.

I promise this will be a welcome gift for your wife or partner, and their opinion and attitude towards you will improve greatly; that is never a bad thing is it?

Helping with Housework

This is probably the least favorite for most of us guys, but it is 2022, and if you are not doing the dishes as much as your wife, if not more often than her, you are missing your chance to be a superhero of a husband.

I’m not saying it can’t be a team effort, as my wife usually rinses and dries after I wash, or empties the dishwasher that I loaded for her. If your kids are over the age of 12, there is no reason you can’t rally them to help out more as well.

If you can remove the dish chore from your wife’s to-do list, I can personally guarantee they will never need anything from you ever again; though you should still probably buy them gifts and surprise them from time to time. 

If you can swing it, help with laundry too! No one likes folding laundry, especially your partner, and I have found that you can say or request anything your heart desires, with little to no negative repercussions, if you are standing at the sink scrubbing dishes, or folding towels. 

No wife is going to argue with a husband that is making a great effort to make her life easier. Promise.

Building bonds with your kids

This should be a given, but for so long, I missed the best chances to create lasting good impressions on my children and made them feel like their schooling was a destination and not a journey.

This was becoming detrimental to our efforts to teach our children at home, as I was inadvertently pushing my kids away from a quality education by making them feel like it was something they had to be successful with to make ME happy. 

One thing I changed immediately was my standard for their education. This doesn’t mean I stopped caring about their grades, but instead of making it a “big deal” I started tailoring their lessons and experiences to their specific interests. 

For example, everyone in my family loves video games, and I started leveraging that to their benefit. I found some coding and game design courses that were kid-friendly, and made it a family project; even the baby is involved in developing our family’s first game! This is still an ongoing project, and we sometimes ignore their core lessons to focus on our game, and the kids couldn’t be happier! 

We all get to pour our own individuality into the game, and there is ALOT to learn in regards to math, art, reading, creativity, and critical thinking. Not only did we find a neat way to teach our children, but I have a golden opportunity to create lasting bonds with my kids, as well as set them up for future success in the gaming industry if they choose that career path later in life. 

While gaming might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are plenty of creative ways to help your kids learn. If you pinpoint their exact interests, you can build lasting bonds with your kids, and develop your very own homeschooling curriculum or lesson plan based on those interests that you will all enjoy; though you would be bordering an unschooling curriculum with these moves, as the main difference between homeschooling and unschooling is the materials in unschooling are more child-focused rather than curriculum focused approach with traditional homeschooling.

Final Thoughts

I know that homeschooling or unschooling isn’t always easy, but it is up to Dad to make or break the routine in most cases. If you constantly carry a bad mood with you, expect that to show itself in the attitudes of your family members. If you take a more peaceful and understanding approach, your kids will mimic that behavior, and trust me, this makes EVERYONE’S lives so much better.

Not only will your children be excited about Dad being at home, but they will be more inclined to do well in school as well! There is no right way to homeschool, but you can create YOUR way to carry out the often tedious task of teaching kids at home, and you will not regret a single second of spending quality, peaceful time with your family. 

Find what works for you, and hyper-focus the lesson plan to your children’s interests and learning styles. This might take you out of your comfort zone a little, but from one dad to another, your kids will learn what they need to learn in time. 

Not everyone follows the same path in life, and that is what makes humans so special; we aren’t set in our ways. Different people develop different skills in life, and that means innovation and improvement. Let your kids show you what they want out of life, and you point them in the right direction. 

Do better, and the rest of your flock will strive to improve; do worse, and you lower the bar. Again, no pressure right?

Help with school more, help with the housework more, and by any means necessary, create stronger bonds with your children that they will carry with them their entire lives.

Homeschooling isn’t an easy task, but it can be a very happy one. Relish your children, and teach them how to be their best selves, they grow way quicker than we can imagine and before long they may be in the same position as you, teaching their own kids at home!

For now, I bid you farewell, but know that I am here to help you on your path to home education, and I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chit-chat about homeschooling stuff; Just comment on one of my posts, and I will respond ASAP! 

Have a great day!

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