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Hello, and welcome to Homeschool Homestead!

Our most important goal as parents or guardians is to provide a safe and effective foundation for our children’s futures through education, and the best place to do that is, without a doubt, from the comforts of home!

No matter what your experience with homeschooling may be, it is safe to say you will find something on this site that will help you on the path to successful in-home education from curriculums, supplemental, lifestyle, to work from home opportunities for the parents.

I couldn’t stand not being home with my kids…

I am the oldest Son of FOURTEEN children and I have FIVE of my own… and if that sounds like too much to handle, try being the guy who helped raise most of his siblings only to create a mini-army of toddlers himself. On top of that, we are all homeschooled farm kids! Needless to say, there have been very few boring moments in my life, and honestly, I wouldn’t trade any of those memories for all the gold in the world.

The greatest feeling in the world is getting to spend every moment with your kids, even if it can get a little hectic at times. It is still, without a doubt, the absolute best place for them to be in most cases. I used to work twelve to eighteen-hour days, seven days a week, in order to provide a decent life for my family, and let me tell you, I missed EVERYTHING for the first five years of my oldest son’s life as a result. Spending forty-two out of fifty-two weeks a year in a hotel room got to the point that the money didn’t make it worthwhile anymore and I had to make a big change or my kids would be grown before I knew it.

After some time of dealing with this thought looming over me, I decided it was time to go home and stay there. My kids got a little older and some of them started going to public school, and I thought that everything was going great and the school system had seen some good changes, but let me tell you how wrong I was.

One kid got lost for almost TWO HOURS on his first day of kindergarten (wrong bus), and the other stayed in trouble because he has a hard time focusing for long periods. This caused his grades to drop and he started to get picked on for being “dumb” when he is one of the wittiest people I have ever met. Naturally, this enraged me. I knew there was a better way, and I knew it was time to get my kids to the house and start teaching them myself.

Since then we have been a homeschool family, almost exactly how I was raised but a lot more cooler (my Mom is lame sometimes).

My Nine year old knows how to code video games and he is a concept master. His ideas are extremely wild, but they work extremely well, and I see him leading innovations in the gaming industry. The same one with attention issues just needed something he liked to do in order to focus and now he obsesses over his work. Who knew that’s what kids wanted?

My Seven year old can research and debate facts with grown men, and he does so respectfully… most of the time. He is also a gaming prodigy, and I will be surprised if he isn’t a multi-million dollar streamer by the time he hits twenty years of age; if he doesn’t end up going to the military to fly drones (his dream job right now).

My Six-year-old (MIDDLE CHILD ALERT) has more passion and holds to his beliefs more than anyone else I know. You cannot change his opinion without detailed scientific facts, I LOVE IT! He is also the world leader in knowing crazy information. He explained to me the entire digestive process of koalas a few weeks ago, things I didn’t know about one of my favorite mammals.

My Five-year-old (baby boy) has the absolute best personality in the entire world, and he wants nothing more than to make everyone else happy too even if it means he loses out himself. If there is a need to be filled, he is the man for the job. Nothing is too big or too small for him and I expect him to be a tradesman or a mechanic of sorts and do extremely well in his field, whatever it may be.

My Two year old hangs the moon and stars for the rest of us. She may be the most loved little sister in existence and I have zero worry about her safety, not only because she has four older brothers who would jump into a pit of vipers to save her, but because she has a level of perception that goes beyond the physical and she can see things for what they are. Plus she is about a week away from learning how to read full sentences, and I assume she will follow her mother’s passion for reading and writing.

All these natural abilities that my kids possess were likely to be stifled in public school, but because we can change curriculums or learning methods in an instant, I can cater to my children’s specific needs to ensure they receive the exact knowledge they need to blaze their own paths in life, and absolutely nothing makes me happier as a Father.

My Mission:

One of the biggest goals for myself is to provide a healthy and happy environment for my kids to grow up in, and I aim to help anyone else with this mindset achieve that goal themselves.

If you have considered homeschooling, but just don’t know where to start, I want to point you in the direction that brings you the best results so you can build from there and discover what you need to deliver quality education from home.

If you are a seasoned homeschooler, let’s find some supplemental books or programs that can help your “students” get a better grasp on topics that give them trouble or find a new hobby that teaches them things outside of their current curriculum.

There really is no set path for this journey, just ride the waves (with floaties of course), and see where staying at home with your kids can really take you. I promise you won’t regret a single minute of it.

The goal of Homeschool Homestead

I want to connect parents and guardians who are interested in homeschooling with the best resources for their lifestyle and help anyone having second thoughts understand more about homeschool.

From curriculums and supplemental education options for the littles to tools for success and work from home options for the bigs, there is something here that can help you achieve the prestigious “stay at home parent”  status and make the most out of life with your kids.

OVERALL: I want to see my kids, your kids, and their kids, grow into happy, high-functioning adults who spent their childhoods feeling smart, happy, and loved. This world can be a scary place, and kids grow fast, so make as many memories as possible because one day your babies wont be babies anymore.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jerromy Chance

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